Types of video translations and their features

In the modern world, it is quite difficult to imagine a situation where a popular film or famous book exists in only one language. Translation and duplication of various artistic and informational materials is an integral part of modern culture. Translation of various videos has long become a vital process linking different cultures. There are various types of video localization, each with its own characteristics.

In order to dub a video, you first need to translate the original. After that, there is a “stacking for scoring” – a process that is designed to match the spoken text and actions on the screen. For example, the hero of the video says several words, the translation of which takes longer than in the original language. In such cases, you need to choose words that will be pronounced for the same amount of time as in the original. After the installation is complete, the announcer will voice over the video.

The popularity of this type of translation is due to the fact that many people learn foreign languages ​​using subtitles. For some people, this method of localization is remarkable in that the viewer has the opportunity to listen to the voices of the actors. The proces

s of creating subtitles consists of several stages: translation of the original, writing subtitles, comparing them with the video.

Localization of graphic elementsIf the video contains various inscriptions in foreign languages, then they can be translated. Moreover, on video the translation will look as if it has always been on the recording. Modern technologies allow

you to save the font, color, size of the inscription, which makes it easier for the viewer to view.

Video translation is a complex process that should only be trusted by professionals. Knowledge of a foreign language is a great platform for translating videos, but years of experience are essential for quality localization. Problems that arise in the process of localization for inexperienced people can spoil the idea of ​​the original

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