Preparatory work before dubbing films

With the help of foreign art video production, one gets acquainted with the peculiarities of countries, their culture and history. Thanks to the phenomenon of duplication, this process is easy and invisible. But dubbing a foreign film, so as not to distort the meaning of the translated phrases, simultaneously falling into the articulation of the characters is hard work.

Qualities of the translator of dubbed films
For that professional translator of foreign films, oddly enough, iron health is necessary (knowledge of the language and literacy is not even discussed, it is implied a priori). This is due to working in an emergency mode, often under stress. The presence of the following qualities predetermines a specialist who can be trusted to translate a video:

knowledge of persistent expressions, aphorisms, idioms of both languages;
understanding the historical significance of what is happening;
knowledge of the current language (be a real native speaker, as the syntax and vocabulary change over the course of two years);
the ability to understand the plot and capture the emotional state;
the ability to explain which phrase and how to emotionally color.
The process of stacking text for duplication
After the translation, it is the turn to work as a text editor for dubbing. His most difficult task is to lay the assembly sheets. He must construct phrases so that they are no longer or shorter than the original phrases and coincide as closely as possible with the actors’ articulation. One hundred percent quality of work is noted when the viewer has the impression that the film was made in Russian, or in another language of translation. All witticisms and jokes must retain their original meaning, and the poems must be presented in poetic form.

There are a number of requirements for the quality production of mounting sheets:

a mandatory list of all characters in and out of the frame;
indication of the time and speed of speech for each participant;
the presence of special designations for actors that ensure the coincidence of articulation (lip sync), at least at the beginning and at the end of the phrase.
A virtuoso is a stacker of editing sheets for duplicating advertising video products, trainings or video tutorials where literal translation is needed.

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