The Christian Education and Worship Committees are both moving forward to address the issues and recommendations made by the Discovery and Discernment Committee. The Chairs and Vestry Liaisons of these committees as well as the History and Strategic/MMR committees are meeting with the Rector and the Wardens to chart a path forward along with identifying a timeline. The Vestry has asked for their plan by September. All committees are looking at ideas that will enrich existing programs and new approaches that will entice former and new parishioners to engage with our church.

A letter was sent to the Bishop asking for intervention help under Title III of the Church’s Canons to address the issues the D&D committee identified relating to church leadership. The Bishop met with the Vestry and the Personnel and Administrative Committee after the 10:30 service Sunday to determine how we move forward with these concerns. The Vestry was very forthcoming with their concerns about Tom’s leadership of the church. The Bishop took copious note and promised to get back to the Vestry.

The outside of the Parish Hall has been re-pointed and the rust spots removed the stone. Only one stone had deteriorated to the point that it had to be replaced. The flickering lights are still a concern, and they are being addressed. The problem is that in order to reach the lights and insure the safety of workers who will replace them, scaffolding will have to be installed. Arrangements have been made and you will see the flickering lights replaced very soon. I am sure you will notice, the boxwoods in front of the church have been drastically trimmed. They had gotten so big that they were covering the facade of the church. They may look a little bad now, but they are hardy and will recover.

The Capital Campaign continues to move forward. We have received pledges and cash to pay for the elevator and the college room. The next challenge will be the undercroft and the organ. The committee is looking at the undercroft from a functionality perspective. We have had our architect and two local contractors look at the space. The goal is to have a usable space which the parish and our outside community can use that is functional, appealing and maximizes the use of the space. Since the HVAC is functioning properly, the architect will be working around it instead of trying to move it, which could cause damage. Hopefully, all of these measures will result in a functional space with a lower construction cost. Ted has also been looking at ways to reduce the cost of a new organ. Non-essential parts which can be added later have been eliminated and a new cost estimate is being prepared. The committee is working hard to come up realistic goals for completing both projects.

The Vestry welcomes comments from the congregation. We have had a comments box for well over a year now. Comments that do not have a parishioners name on them will be answered through the church newsletter or “The Warden’s Notes.” Parishioners who wish to put their name on the comments will be contacted by phone. In both cases the Vestry wants you to know that your comments are welcome and are taken seriously.

Yours in Christ’s work,

Woody Sadler, Senior Warden